The Aix Cathedral
is a living part of history


The best way to tour Aix

is not to have an itinerary

but rather to go where your mood leads you


Protecting History

is not only a noble thing to do

but a debt we owe ourselves and the future generation


Aix Cathedral envisions a world where there is no segregation based on religion,

There is so much that can be done in the Aix en Provence besides exploring the arts and craft of the Aix Cathedral

Aix-En-Provence is designed to seduce visitors with winding streets, boutiques, craft shops, markets, refreshing fountains and many more – all steeped in history.

The Aix Cathedral has numerous artworks, some of them dating back to the fifteenth century. For example, sculptures of the apostle flank the doors of the cathedral.

One of the challenges a tourist who wants to see this painting would have is timing their visit to coincide with one of the special days that the painting will be unveiled.

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