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The Popularity Of The Aix Cathedral

Many of the tourists visiting the Aix Cathedral have not failed to admire this historical edifice. It is one of the few gifts of the 12th century to the modern-day France. Tourists admire the stained-glass windows, the large paintings and sculptures, and the large organ. The popularity of the Aix Cathedral has earn edit over a thousand reviews on Trip Advisor.

One of the ways of knowing a popular place is to look at the date of the most recent reviews. When you search for the Aix Cathedral on TripAdvisor you will be surprised to notice that the last review is just a few days or weeks ago.

The Aix cathedral officially known as the Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur is open to the public—and worth a visit when in the Aix-en-Provence.

Renovation And Artworks

Triptych of the Burning Bush, by Nicolas Froment

Top reserve the integrity of the structure of the Aix cathedral, an extensive work was carried out in the 19th century. This renovation further highlights the importance and popularity of this cathedral.

The redecoration of the nave with sculptured and painted neo-Gothic elements occurred at this time.

Although the Aix Cathedral is a Christian place of worship, non-Christians frequently include a visit to this cathedral in their itinerary when touring the Aix-en-Provence. This is because the cathedral has some of the most precious historical art works. One of the works that is highly valued is the Triptych of the Burning Bush by Nicolas Froment.

The painting was commissioned by King Rene and is still considered as one of the most beautiful European paintings of the 15th century. The painting which was done between 1475 and 1476 has been in the Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur since the19th century.

The painting has become fragile with age and is only made open to the public on specific days.

A French National Monument

The door to rich history

The Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur does not belong to the church alone. Although it has been a church since the 12th century, is also a French National Monument. The structure has a lot of symbols that are not Christian in nature but highly significant. For example, twelve sibyls adorn the external façade of the church. It is believed that theses sibyls foretold the birth of Jesus.

A good number of tourists and researchers who visit the Aix Cathedral are amazed at how the church was able to hold on to a vast number of its treasures bearing in mind that during the French revolution churches were ransacked and their content destroyed.

Free Entry

The growing popularity of the Aix Cathedral may not be unconnected to its free entry status. Many of the national monuments and places of interest in the Aix-en-Provence usually require visitors to pay a token before they are allowed to explore them. The only criterion to gain entry into this magnificent edifice is that you come at the hours when the cathedral is open. With the Aix Cathedral, it is different.

Anyone can gain free access into the Aix Cathedral. This peaceful and serene environment has a nerve calming effect, particularly with the background organ music. You don’t only see the history, you feel it.

The cathedral opens every day from 8am to 7 pm and masses are held regularly. If you make it to one of the masses, you will get to listen to the organ play. Pilgrims to the Aix-en-Provence will find the Aix Cathedral a serene place to pray and worship devoid of the noisy buzz of the city.

Localization Of Hotels And Restaurants

The magnificent Cathedral

When planning a visit to a country, tourists are mostly concerned about visiting popular places and attending popular events.For this reason,it has always been a good business strategy to build a restaurant or hotel around popular places.The number of hotels and restaurants around the Aix Cathedral has grown remarkably in the last four decades. The reason is simple; the owners of these businesses are hoping to exploit the increased influx to tourist to this area. This is also an indirect way of judging the popularity of the Aix Cathedral. Tourists visiting the Aix cathedral will generally need an accommodation and a place to eat. Therefore,building a restaurant or hotel in such a place will mean increased patronage.

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