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The Common Challenges Faced By Tourists

Aix-En-Provence is designed to seduce visitors with winding streets, boutiques, craft shops,markets, refreshing fountains and many more – all steeped in history. In as much as the winding streets and structures give the Old Town of Aix a magical feel,it also makes it difficult for tourists to find their way around as well as sticking to their itinerary.

If your main intention of visiting the Aix Cathedral is to learn more about the history of the cathedral, you have to time your tour carefully or you may not have access to some of the historical relics of the cathedral. Below are some of the common challenge’s tourists visiting the Aix Cathedral are likely to face.


Aix-en-Provence, where the Cathedrale Saint-Sauveuris located in a city in the southern part of France, approximately 20 miles to the north of Marseille. The city has flourishing boulevards and 17th and 18th-century buildings lining the public squares. The organized nature of the city, as well as the relatedness of these buildings, often makes it hard to tell where exactly you are—particularly for tourists. Tourists visiting this area will need to budget extra for a tour guide to help them find their way most of the time.

Places To Visit

The Aix-en-Provence Tourist office can provide you with a fold-out map that marks out the important buildings. However, besides the Aix Cathedral, you might find it difficult choosing a place to visit next. If you are visiting this area for a short time, you may have a difficult time trying to pick the places to visit considering that many of them are not close to each other. Some tour experts often advise that the best way to tour Aix is not to have an itinerary but rather to go where your mood leads you.

Exploring All Art Works Of Aix Cathedral

The Aix Cathedral has numerous artworks, some of them dating back to the fifteenth century. For example, sculptures of the apostle flank the doors of the cathedral. There is also a statue on the façade which many believe to portray the kings of France. However, during the French Revolution, the head of the statues was beheaded—they have since been replaced.

The most important artwork in the cathedral is arguably the Triptych of the Burning Bush. This extraordinary painting by Nicolas Froment dates back to the 15th-century. It is both precious and old that it is not open to the public except on special days.

One of the challenges a tourist who wants to see this painting would have is timing their visit to coincide with one of the special days that the painting will be unveiled.


Tourists who are picky with food may face some challenges when they visit the Aix-en-Provence because most of the restaurants in this area do not offer international cuisines. Although the Aix-en-Provence has a great culinary scene, most of the restaurants only offer classic French cuisines with a few serving a blend of French and American cuisines.

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